Carrello Elevatore Catania Diesel Jungheinrich , Siracusa, Messina e Sicilia. JUNGHEINRICH DFG 540-550

Carrello Elevatore Catania Diesel Jungheinrich , Siracusa, Messina  e Sicilia. JUNGHEINRICH DFG 540-550
Modello DFG 540-550
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DFG 540-550

Carrelli elevatori Diesel con trasmissione idrodinamica (4000, 4500, 5000 kg)

Large capacity industrial engines with high torque and a long service life
Hydrodynamic drive unit for fast acceleration and direction changes
Comfortable operator’s cab featuring exemplary ergonomics
Isolated, cushion mounted cab
Catalytic converter standard on all TFG trucks

Jungheinrich hydrodynamic diesel and gas forklift trucks have an incredible handling capacity in a variety of applications. The hydrodynamic drive performs especially well in medium to long distance operations and also ensures smooth shock-free drive from rest.

Large capacity industrial engines generate high torque even at low speeds. The benefits of this include lower fuel consumption and noise. These robust engines are specially designed for use in forklift
trucks. That ensures high reliability and a long service life even for tough applications.

All the engines feature low emissions and comply with the future EU Directives. The gas versions are fitted as standard with a catalytic converter. A closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter (TFG) and various particulate filter systems (DFG) are available as options.

The operator’s cab has an ergonomic layout and is designed around the operator. This ensures safety, protects health and enables the operator to concentrate fully on his work whilst being in a relaxed &
stress free environment. Overall this ensures maximum productivity for arduous shifts


Hydrodynamic drive
The hydrodynamic drive unit is optimised to suit the requirements of heavy duty aplications:
  • Optimised effectiveness for medium and high speeds.
  • Hydrodynamic torque converter, two gears per moving direction forward/reverse.
  • Combined crawl speed / brake pedal allows sensitive driving while under full lifting performance.
Electrical system
12 Volt battery with 95 Ah (TFG/DFG) and 66A AC alternator. LPG engine with maintenance- free, non-contact electronic ignition.
Super elastic tyres as standard. Non-marking SE tyres or pneumatic tyres available as options.
Hydrostatic steering provides low effort shock free steering, for maximum operator comfort and safety. The steer axle with integrated steering cylinder is fixed to the chassis through rubber bearings.
The forklift has two brake systems, a foot operated hydraulic drum service brake with asbestos-free linings and a hand operated “over-centre” parking brake.
Hydraulic system
The high performance filter system ensures clean oil and therefore the long service life of all the components:
  • Suction filter and filter in the return line.
  • 70 litre hydraulic tank integrated in the chassis.
  • The hydraulic tank is vented through a filter.
  • Pressure limiting valves prevent excessive pressure and overloads.
All components of the mast are designed for excellent visibility, high stability and a long service life:
  • Slim line mast sections with lift cylinders hidden behind, give an excellent field of view for safe operation.
  • Visibility through the carriage is excellent.
  • Carriages comply with FEM/ISO-2328-3A (540, 545) or 4A (550).
Various special options and mounted equipment are available for adapting to a range of application requirements or customer wishes